Welcome to the Nevada Trappers Association website.  The fur industry has a long and colorful history in our state.  It is a vital part of wildlife management and continues to add to the economy today.  In these pages you will learn about our association and events.  We invite you to become a member.  

Thanks to all those who have written emails, appeared in person or contacted members of the Trapping Regulation Committee and the Board of Wildlife Commissioners in support of responsible trapping as a management tool.

NDOW Wildlife Commission Meeting - Sept 12-13

The Wildlife Commission is scheduled to meet in Las Vegas, September 12-13.  The agenda and support material can be found on NDOW's website.

  • Item 11 - discussion of a regulation relating to trapping, other than with a box or cage trap, within 1,000 feet of certain trails and campgrounds and within one-half mile of certain residences
  • Item 13 - a follow up presentation on options for trapper education
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