Welcome to the Nevada Trappers Association website.  The fur industry has a long and colorful history in our state.  It is a vital part of wildlife management and continues to add to the economy today.  In these pages you will learn about our association and events.  We invite you to become a member.  

Support for Bills

Share your opinion on wildlife bills

Dear trappers and supporters,

Please click on the above link and register a vote for SJR11 and SB 163, you can leave comments there as well.

SJR11 is a bill to guarantee the right to Hunt, trap, and fish in the Nevada constitution.

SB163 creates a fund and a panel to implement a PR campaign to educate the general public about wildlife, wildlife management, and the source of funding by sportsmen. Also how hunting, trapping, and fishing are used as wildlife management tools.

The antis are trying to amend trapping out of the bills.

At least vote on the link above but if you have a little extra time send a personal email to the following Senators.





Senator Hammond is the primary sponsor of both bills, Senators Gustavson is the chairman of the committee and a co sponsor of SJR11, Senators Goicochea and Settelmeyer are also co sponsors of SJR11.

Assemblywoman Amber Joiner is a co sponsor on SB163, please send her a letter of thanks as well


We can do some major good this session if we all pitch in!!

2015 Legislative Report

Senate Bill 4 "Provides exemptions from certain registration requirements for the trapping of wild mammals on private property."   SB4 is intended to clarify SB213 which passed during the 2013 Legislative Session.  Here is the bill as it is currently amended.


2015 Fur Sale

Here are the results from the Nevada Fur Sale held February 27, 28 & March 1, 2015. 

Many thanks to all the fur harvesters who brought their furs, to the buyers and to the volunteers of the Nevada Trappers Association for making this another successful sale.

Jim Curran
Fur Manager

Change to License Year

The Wildlife Commission recently voted to change the regulation which determines the license year for trapping.  Licenses will now be valid during the fiscal year (in other words a license will be valid from the date of issue until the last day of June). The change is due in part to concerns about better reflecting the seasonal harvest.  Current license holders should have received a license extension by mail.  Please contact NDOW if you have not received it. 

Hunting and fishing licenses are not effected.  That license year will remain March 1 to February 28.

General Furbearer Information

General information about harvesting furbearing animals in Nevada can be found on the Nevada Department of Wildlife's Furbearer page.  A link to the 2014-2015 Bobcat Harvest Report Form is also available.


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