NEW THIS YEAR: Trap Tags Required

Trap identification is now required on all traps used on public land.  Trappers must afix their name/address or a trapper idenditfication number purchased from NDOW to all traps.  

Trap tags are available from NDOW for $5.00 per tag.  There is no fee if name/address is used.

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General Furbearer Information

Nevada 2018-2019 Furbearer Season and Limits including sealing dates, definitions and areas closed to trapping can be found in the NDOW Small Game Hunting Guide.  The guide can be accessed through NDOW’s website or  Specific information about trapping and furbearers begins on page 40 of the Small Game Hunting Guide.

General information about furbearing animals in Nevada can be found on the Nevada Department of Wildlife's Furbearer page.  

Links to the 2018-2019 Bobcat Harvest Report Form and 2018-2019 Furbearer Questionnaire will be available through NDOW.

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